Running a Bistro for Dummies: Tips for Making Your Business Successful

Sometimes you just have a passion that you need to follow. It may be a dream you’ve had for a long time, or a new, exciting urge. Inspiration can strike from anywhere, and if you’re in the financial place to follow it, why wouldn’t you? You’re not a dummy you’re just inexperienced, and that’s okay! Everyone has to start somewhere. You’ll learn on your feet, which is actually the best way to retain knowledge about anything. If running a bistro is your dream, you can easily make it a reality by following these tips. Your restaurant won’t just be surviving it’ll be thriving.

Get the right tools for the job.

Having the right tools for the job can make a big difference in your efficiency and overall ability to function. You wouldn’t fix a car with a cheese grater, so why would you try to run a restaurant with a refrigerator designed for home and family use? It doesn’t matter how “good” the deal might appear. Having the correct appliances for the demands of your restaurant is much more important than saving a few dollars.

You’ll have options when it comes to restaurant-grade and commercial refrigeration. The product you want to purchase will be able to house all of the cold food you’re planning on offering and have amazing longevity. You don’t want to spend money on something that’s not going to last you several years.

True Mfg has been around for 70 years. They’ve seen how the business has changed over time and adapted accordingly. Due to all of their experience, this manufacturing company actually understands what you need out of their products. Their products and parts are reliable and cater to serving large amounts of people day in and out. Shop around for which True Manufacturing system will work best for your business.

Be Hands-On

Once your business is officially running, take the time to be present and seek out customer feedback. Soft openings are a useful time to learn what people think of the food and overall experience. However, it’s important not to just stop there. Your business should always be growing and evolving according to your customers’ interests. Having a positive rapport with your customers and staff can really enhance everyone’s experience for the better. Sharing in the work, being hands-on, and being visible can make the dining experience special and ultimately boost customer satisfaction.

While you’re checking in with tables and introducing yourself as the owner of the Bistro, make sure you’re dressed like a successful business owner. Keep it simple and professional with a petite little black dress for women or a nice suit for men. If you look like a success, your customers will perceive you and the business as thriving. You don’t have to take up much of your customer’s time. Just enough to introduce yourself and let them know you can take care of anything they might need during their dine-in. If a customer has feedback, try not to take it personally. Address their concern in a positive and timely manner. Your staff will respect you for not losing your cool and your customer will remember that the owner cared enough to fix their small problem.

Be smart when and where you take risks.

Any time you open your own business, you’re taking a calculated risk. Taking risks is healthy and can contribute to the success of your business. You can and will be rewarded for many of the smart chances you take. It’s important to be strategic about when you take a leap.

For example, starting out, you probably don’t want to rent or buy a space that’s bigger than your estimated client base. If you build it, they’ll come, but you have to be able to pay your bills to stay open. Maybe it’s a smarter idea to choose a location that’s a less “hot” neighborhood with lower rent. You could start a whole culinary movement in that area or at least become the local’s favorite place to eat. Take chances with your concept, not the person who’s keeping track of your books. Choose your battles wisely.