Your Guide for a Road Trip With Style

Are you bored of your regular daily routine and ready to try something new? A road trip is always a good idea if you want a change of environment but can’t afford a plane ticket or the luxury of a vacation. Road trips happen to be one of the best outdoor activities for improving your mental health. It’s a great way to blow off steam and relieve stress caused by other areas of your life, like work. So, whether you just want to enjoy a scenic drive or you are out for an adventure with friends, here’s our ultimate guide for taking a road trip with style.

1. Prepare Your Vehicle


If you’re going on your road trip in a private vehicle, then the last thing you want is a car that’ll disappoint you in the middle of the road. First, you must ensure that your vehicle is suitable for a long journey as not all cars can withstand long trips. Convertibles, minivans, and SUVs are especially suited for road trips. Whichever car you choose, make sure it has good gas mileage to reduce the cost of your trip.

The next thing is to get your car ready for the trip. Check and confirm that your vehicle is in a condition. For instance, your headlamps should be working, there should be enough gas, and the engine should be in excellent condition. Additionally, have it cleaned and use an odor eliminator to rid it of any kind of strong smell (like a smoke smell). Besides, remember that you’ll be sitting in this vehicle for hours, so you’ll need to make it as pleasant as possible.

If you are a smoker and wonder how to get rid of weed smell in car, you can use quick remedies like Febreze air freshener, perfume, coffee grounds, or baking soda. However, cannabis smell can sometimes stick to your car seats, and these are tougher to eliminate with simple remedies. You may want to consider using something powerful like ozium or incense to get rid of the smell of weed.

2. Pack Snacks and Drinks

When on a road trip, it can be pretty challenging stopping off at restaurants when you’re hungry. Admittedly, it’s fun to experience new diners, but it can also be expensive and time-wasting. The best way to save cost and time here is to pack snacks and drinks. So, make room in your car for a cooler with ice. Also, try to pack a few cans of soda, water, energy drinks, or American IPA for when you pull over for the night.

If you plan to camp out at your destination, an Indian Pale Ale will make your experience more exciting. IPA drinks are known for their citrus, fruity character, hop aroma, and hop flavor, making them a unique beer. So if you don’t mind its malt backbone concentration, this beer will make your road trip nights memorable. With that being said, it’s worth noting that this beer has high ABV levels. So, please don’t drink and drive.

3. Dress Comfortably & Stylishly


Nowhere does it say that comfort and style can’t coexist. When on a road trip, you’ll most likely be taking a lot of pictures, especially if you intend to make several stops at different attractions before your destination. Of course, you want to look good in your pictures and not like a homeless person living in a car.

In essence, wear comfortable clothing that suits the weather or season and keep your makeup minimal. For instance, instead of having a full-blown makeup that’ll melt and make you uncomfortable after a couple of hours in the car, you can choose to stick to the basics. Have your hair looking clean and shiny, use natural eyelash extensions that’ll stand the test of time, like the glam eyelash extensions, and keep your lips moisturized.

As for your feet, you need to have comfortable shoes that are easy to pull out and wear. Except if it’s summer and the weather is hot, it’s best not to wear flip-flops. Rather, opt for the classic white sneakers as this will go with almost every outfit. They’re versatile and comfortable. Also, don’t forget to put on sunscreen and remember to pack your sunshades and a hat to keep the sun away. This way, you get to travel like a Hollywood star.

4. Choose a Destination

Admittedly, some people plan their road trips without a destination in mind, but it’s always better if you have one prepared. This way, you can plan your accommodation and make reservations ahead of time. When choosing a destination, it should be an adventurous location, and there should be a place to eat nearby.

A good example is the Zion national park, located in southern Utah. They’re open year-round, although the visitor center only opens from 8 am to 5 pm daily. You can choose to lodge here for the night and then join one of their shuttle buses for a tour the next day. During this time, you can note what attractions or hike trails you’ll want to include in your activities.

Some of the exciting things to do here include; explore the narrows (if the virgin river’s water level is safe), hike the Emerald pools, climb Angel’s Landing, hike the Canyon overlook trail, or stay up to gaze at the stars.

5. Prepare a Playlist


What’s a road trip without a music playlist? You don’t want to imagine that. A road trip won’t be complete without good tunes to keep you alert while driving. The great thing about road trip music is that it can be a collection of music from any genre.

If you’re embarking on a solo trip, it should be easy picking out your playlist. However, if you’re traveling with a group of friends, you can have everyone choose their favorite tunes, and take turns playing them.


Sure, taking a road trip is fun, but be careful not to mar your experience by driving dangerously. So, in addition to the above five tips, make sure you drive safely. Also, try not to go above the speed limits, don’t drive if you are tired, and always have a map handy in case you get lost.