Top 3 Ways To Boost Your Investment Returns

Investments are measured in returns. Any new purchase you make in the stock market or real estate space will have to live up to the pressure that your strategy places on it. For many, an investment portfolio that is full of great assets can generate positive returns year over year with the help of some intuitive and simple investment approaches.

But investors are always on the hunt for boosted returns. Creating ways to increase the dividend payout, growth factor, and more in your portfolio is something that everyone is consistently seeking. Investments, after all, are built to fund your wildest dreams from retirement to the purchase of your first home or car. With these great strategies, creating additional revenue from your investment portfolio can be made simpler.

1. Consider dual-threat investment assets first and foremost.


Dual-threat investments are those that provide multiple benefits. Many people love the stability that bonds provide to their bottom line, for instance, yet bonds will never produce great profits as a result of their singular use case.

Switching over to investment assets that work in multiple categories is the best way to ensure that your portfolio is consistently growing at a steady and energized rate. Investing in companies like Alamos Gold, for instance, can give you the dividend payouts today that you might be looking for to increase working capital in your portfolio or for your personal cash flow. In addition to the great dividends, Alamos Gold Inc. (NYSE:AGI) has seen monumental asset appreciation over the last few years. This means that the firm operates as both a growth commodity and an immediate payout generator.

2. Focus on high-quality companies.


Alamos Gold is a multinational gold mining outfit with mines across North America. The Young-Davidson and Island Gold Mines in Northern Ontario and the Mulatos Mine in Sonora produce hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold each year, respectively. This makes Alamos a high-quality producer in the mining space and gives them a foot in both the gold bullion and fabrication trades alongside their footprint within the mining community. Owning shares of Alamos can give you a foothold in the market momentum of the gold space as well as the heavy industry sector. In a way, this is a similar feature shared by the REIT (real estate investment trust) market.

3. Get into property as a quality hedge against stock market volatility.


Similarly, real estate can provide both immediate payouts in the form of a flip sale or rental income while also giving you access to the consistently growing value that underpins the property market as a whole. For anyone thinking of getting into real estate, though, there are some important maintenance considerations to keep in mind. Any home that you might consider purchasing may need considerable work done before it can hit the market in your favor. Upgrades like an electric hot water system or hardwood flooring are a must in any home that you are thinking of renting out or selling for a profit. A hot water system replacement is a great option for those looking to attract confident buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for a great piece of property.

Real estate offers consistent wealth generation, unlike most other investment assets. Investors are flocking to this sector of the investment marketplace in droves today and for good reason. If you are prepared for the management that is required of a new property owner, bringing in a new investment property can provide you with incredible returns on your investment. Used in tandem with stock market holdings, a real estate strategy can generate powerful momentum for your future.

Use these three approaches in order to boost your returns today.