Tips for Improving Your Construction Company’s Efficiency

Operational efficiency is vital to running a cost-effective construction business. Improving the efficiency of construction sites is the smart way to enjoy better margins. There are plenty of areas within construction that you can improve upon without compromising the quality of your company’s work. Reducing waste, cutting overproduction, and decreasing worker downtime can all help boost your operational system.

Improve your planning.


You’d be surprised how often efficiency errors are made during the project planning stage. Failing to take accurate measurements and carefully consider the construction materials needed will affect your crew’s ability to stay on schedule. It’s a good idea to set aside sufficient time before commencing any construction project to figure out the people, processes, information, equipment, and materials needed to bring the plan to completion. Improving the planning process is the best way to avoid costly project delays.

Leverage the right construction management software.


Leveraging the right construction management software keeps your company organized and eliminates the clutter of paperwork. Software solutions can automate and streamline bid management, billing and invoicing, contractors, document management, incident reporting, timesheets, job scheduling, and more. You can also leverage a mobile app that helps manage administrative takes related to paperwork.

A common reason that contractors lose out on new project opportunities is taking too long to generate a professional proposal. The more that people spend time at home, the more they are finding ways to utilize space and create new outdoor living areas. Incorporating an attractive fence design into a backyard is the best way to transform an open yard into a private escape. The fence industry is growing, and time is of the essence when creating a fence estimate for clients.

With fencing software from Contractor Accelerator, you’ll spend less time creating a professional proposal and more time bringing fence designs to life. The all-in-one software solution allows you to create custom bids in minutes and create customer-ready 2D digital sketches at the job site via a mobile app. The computer fencing system integrates with Google Maps and Google Calendar to promote flexible scheduling, determine convenient routes, and automate customer communication. It also simplifies access to customer information with a built-in user-friendly customer relationship manager (CRM).

Invest in training.


The key to running an efficient job site is to ensure your workers are properly trained. When your workers know the proper techniques and critical skills of construction, you’ll notice greater efficiency in projects. Whether you promote hands-on learning during projects or host training workshops or professional development, it’s important to invest in training to improve efficiency.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) creates safety standards that protect workers from a variety of hazards in the general industry, construction, maritime, and agriculture. Construction workers face a large risk of falling when it comes to ladders, climbing on roofs, accessing rafters, and more. The best form of fall protection is to wear the right type of harness. A fall protection harness provides the wearer a lifeline in the event of a fall.

All About Lifting ensures customers have access to height safety solutions and accessories that keep wearers safe while working at heights. Fall accidents are one of the leading causes of workplace injury and death, even with OSHA standards in place. The best way to keep workers safe while working on heights is to enforce the correct use of a safety harness and knowledge of safety practices. Many types of harnesses offer a comfortable fit and reliable fall protection, from full-body harnesses and seat slings to restraint lanyards and confined space spreader bars.

Improving the planning stage, leveraging the right construction management software, and investing in training are just some of the ways you can improve the efficiency of your construction company.