The Benefits of Restaurant Equipment Liquidation

Everyone has old stuff lying around that they need to get rid of. In many cases, homeowners have yard sales or load up the car for a run to the Goodwill. However, if you are a restaurant owner, the solutions might not be that simple. Getting rid of your old restaurant equipment could take time and be the source of several headaches. To get rid of your old equipment, you will have to find a private buyer, scrap it, or throw it away in many instances. You might try to donate it to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, however, industry-specific equipment can’t be used in all locations.

Trying to get rid of your old stove, ice machine, fryer, or oven could be difficult. Depending on how you try to remove your commercial kitchen equipment, it could end up costing you more money. Fortunately, another solution could make this process simpler and less frustrating. Auctioning off your equipment is a convenient and cost-effective way of getting rid of your old equipment. Restaurant equipment liquidation can help you get rid of your items quickly.

The old equipment that isn’t being used costs money and isn’t generating revenue. Whether you have one location or equipment spread out over several restaurants or facilities, you can liquidate your inventory easily. Opening a restaurant is expensive and owners are looking for quality used equipment. An auction service will handle all of the leg work and allow you to get the most money for your equipment. Let’s take a look at some benefits of liquidating your equipment.

Organization and Documentation


When you employ a liquidation service, you are leaving your equipment in the hands of professionals with years of experience. As a result, you will get the benefits of a team that is skilled with documentation and inventory. If you have a chain of restaurants or several pieces of equipment that need to be sold, an auction service will help you organize your inventory. Often, mobile apps or software are deployed that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to document inventory for liquidation. You or the team will gather all of the equipment data and input it into the program to be used for asset tracking, auction listing, and marketing. The simplified process makes things very easy for you.

Marketing and Selling

If you were to try and sell your equipment to private buyers, you might be in for a drawn-out process that requires time and resources. However, when you opt for a liquidation service, they take care of the entire process for you. The team will take your equipment information and develop a customized marketing plan that includes posting your items on numerous sales channels. They will use traditional and digital tools to create a full listing and attract premium buyers. Often, you can expect a successful sales rate of over 98 percent!

Sale and Payment


The entire process from inventory and data collection to marketing and promotion is made simpler when you use a liquidation service. The sales and payment process is also much easier than trying to tackle it yourself. The auction service will handle all customer inquiries, collect payment for all sales, and help coordinate the removal of the items. You can be as involved or removed as you would like for the final step of removing the equipment. Once the deal is closed, the service will remit payment to you. The entire process from start to finish is much simpler than dealing with it yourself.

As a restaurant owner, you have a lot to worry about. If you have old equipment to get rid of, you don’t have to add that to your already full plate. Whether you are upgrading your kitchen or getting rid of surplus equipment, a liquidation service can take care of this for you and create a smooth, hassle-free process.