Starting a Brick-and-Mortar: 3 Ways to Boost Your Business

It may feel as though e-commerce has taken over the world but this isn’t true. Shopping has been a past time of many women for years. Finding sales and discounts is part of the fun of shopping. Who doesn’t like to brag about the amazing shirt they bought for $10? 

You just need to make sure that your customers know you’re there for them. Starting a successful Brick-and-Mortar business in the e-commerce era is hard but not impossible, arm yourself with the technology you need to succeed. Boost your business by providing great customer care, promote your business online and offer discounts.

Customer Care

Sometimes people want to be able to call in and speak to a representative and not a machine, especially customers who are upset. On the flip side, a lot of millennials prefer the SMS or chat options that are available to them rather than picking up the phone. Microsoft call center software solves this issue by allowing your customers the option to choose how they would like to keep in contact with your business. 

This omnichannel software uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 and personalizes the customer experience. You need to prove to your customer that you are there for them and care about their concerns more than you care about the bottom line. 

Give your customers the ability to voice their opinions and be heard in the best way they feel comfortable expressing themselves. When your customers feel appreciated and understood they will return and tell their friends and family about the experience.


Promoting your business is important, especially for new stores that are not household names as of yet. If your customer base doesn’t know your store exists how would they know where to come shop? 

With e-commerce, people rarely leave their houses to window shop anymore if they are not in the mood for shopping with friends or family. They only leave if they need something. So how would they know about the great sales and discounts your store has to offer them? 

Promoting your business with direct mailers is a great way to let them know you’re around the corner and you’ve got great stuff! There’s no better advertising platform than social media. Ensure that you’re reaching your target audience by buying promoted advertisements and opening business pages on all social media platforms. 

A great way to promote your business is to use your existing customer base and ask your customers to refer a friend and get a discount.


The best way to bring new customers to your door is to offer a discount. Even if you’re offering a promotional Christmas tree ornament with each purchase, customers are likely to feel appreciated and will want to come back to your store. It doesn’t hurt to offer a Groupon promotion or a percentage off of each purchase to bring customers into the stores. If offering your folks big discounts breaks the bank, consider taking out a loan. Lenders such as Texas hard money lenders offer real estate loans at a great rate.

What it comes down to is great customer service. Ensure that you’re always in contact with your customers. Call, text or email your customers using your new call center software for promotions and special offers as well as customer service calls to make your customers feel appreciated. 

Make sure that your customers have the ability to keep in contact with your store and the option to talk to a real person. Keeping your customers happy is key, no one wants bad reviews. Take the leap and invest in your business today!