Practical Ways To Help an Elderly Loved One

Do you have an elderly loved one in your life? As people age, they often require extra help in order to stay healthy and safe. If your loved one is in this situation, you may be wondering how best to support them. Fortunately, there are many practical ways you can help out. Keep reading to learn more about how to assist an elderly loved one.

Find them a social security advisor.

When it comes to helping an elderly loved one, there are many practical ways to go about it. One of the best ways is to search for “social security advisors near me.” A social security advisor is someone who specializes in providing advice and guidance on how to get the most out of Social Security benefits for elderly individuals. They can provide assistance with understanding eligibility requirements for various programs, applying for benefits, and even filing appeals if necessary. A good social security advisor will be able to review the individual’s current financial situation and offer personalized advice based on their specific needs. This could include examining sources of income such as pensions or annuities, reviewing medical records and expenses related to health care, determining whether they qualify for any special programs or deductions available only to seniors, and more. From there, they can help craft a plan that maximizes their current assets while taking advantage of all available government resources that may benefit them now or in the future.

Set them up with a rideshare company for seniors.


GoGoGrandparent is an amazing service that has been created to help elderly loved ones get around more easily. Think of it as Uber rides for seniors. With this service, family members can book rides for their senior relatives with just a phone call. This eliminates the hassle of having to drive them places and provides them with increased independence and freedom. The convenience of GoGoGrandparent can mean so much in terms of providing peace of mind for families who may be worried about their elderly relatives’ safety when traveling alone or getting lost in unfamiliar surroundings. Even if your elderly relative lives far away from you, you can still arrange a ride from wherever they are in order to bring them back home safely.

Provide them with opportunities for socialization.

Providing opportunities for socialization is a key aspect of helping an elderly loved one. Social interaction is essential to their emotional, mental and physical well-being. Loneliness can be detrimental to the health of an elderly person as it increases stress levels, depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline. It is important that from time to time they are given the chance to interact with others in meaningful ways. This could involve taking them out for coffee or lunch with friends or family members, attending recreational activities at senior centers or places of worship, going on trips together with other seniors, or joining clubs, such as book clubs and bridge groups, where socializing is encouraged. These kinds of outings will help reduce feelings of isolation while also providing plenty of stimulation through conversation and fun activities.

Order them grocery deliveries.


When it comes to helping an elderly loved one, ordering groceries for them can be a great way to show your support and provide a much-needed service. Grocery deliveries can provide elderly individuals with access to the food they need while allowing them to maintain their independence and dignity. In today’s world, grocery delivery services have become increasingly popular and accessible. Many grocery stores now offer delivery services to their customers, allowing them to have their items delivered right to their door.

Overall, it is important to assist an elderly loved one by providing practical help and support. This can include helping with everyday tasks, organizing proper medical care, providing emotional support, and maintaining regular contact. By showing compassion and understanding, you can help ensure that your loved one is able to enjoy a safe and comfortable life for years to come.