An Overview of the Most Common Types of Attorneys

Regardless of where you live, the law is complicated. For this reason, attorneys specialize in areas of interest so they can better represent their clients. If you’re considering earning a law degree, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the types of law you could practice. In understanding your options, you’ll be more likely to feel fulfilled over the course of your career. To learn more about the most common types of lawyers out there, read on.

Administrative Lawyers


Administrative lawyers like Malliha Wilson juggle complex litigation at the governmental level to make policy changes that impact the public sector. Like Wilson, who has dedicated her career to ensuring human rights in the workplace in Ontario, administrative lawyers participate in notable cases that mean changes to how governments run. These social justice-minded attorneys work closely with politicians, lobbyists, and advocacy groups to argue before the supreme courts of their countries and are arguably the most influential types of lawyers out there.

Lawyers who specialize in administrative law are often some of the most driven attorneys out there. Because their work impacts large communities, they are generally passionate about making a difference in the world. The cases they argue and the causes they get behind can mean huge imprints on the countries, causes, people, and places they represent.

Personal Injury Attorneys


Well known for their advertising, personal injury lawyers work to get fair compensation for private clients after workplace or motor vehicle accidents. They also seek financial compensation after wrongful deaths or medical malpractice situations where a patient is hurt due to a doctor’s negligence. Skilled in handling personal injury investigations, these lawyers are the ones to call if you’ve been hurt. The great news about these lawyers is that most personal injury law firm attorneys don’t charge upfront for their services. Instead, they work off legal malpractice attorney contingency fees and aren’t paid until they earn you money.

Personal injury lawyers work closely with insurance companies and medical professionals. They spend a majority of their time on paperwork, in mediation, and conducting investigations. Unlike administrative lawyers, who focus on human rights issues on a broad scale, personal injury lawyers are focused on their direct client and their individual circumstance.

Criminal Defense Lawyers


Recognized because of Hollywood, criminal lawyers are arguably the most well-known types of lawyers there are. Criminal defense lawyers work to represent people accused of crimes. Either appointed by the state or in private practice and paid by the client to prove a client’s innocence, criminal defense attorneys are who to call for success after being charged with a crime.

Criminal defense lawyers are the opposite of prosecutors, who represent the public sector in criminal cases where the state is the plaintiff and is seeking justice for victims and their families.

Family Law Attorneys


Family law lawyers work with people when families are in conflict or in times of transition. These lawyers use their practice area to offer clients positive outcomes when it comes to divorce, alimony, child support, and the division of real estate after separation. Able to handle any legal matter related to children and family and the legal rights of parents, family lawyers often work with state and country human services offices to help at-risk kids and families.

While there are dozens of specialty types out there, the best way to understand the type of law you’ll be interested in or even what kind of lawyer can help you with legal advice is to do a little research ahead. Before applying to law school, filing that lawsuit, or taking legal action, talking to a lawyer about options is always a great idea.