5 Programs That Will Set You Up for a Long Career

One of the few benefits of COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic is that it has offered others greater insight into the opportunities out there for them. Many people are choosing not to return to work or looking into different careers altogether, and this perspective likely wouldn’t have been found were it not for the coronavirus. That being said, COVID-19 has also illustrated the importance of having a strong, stable income. As such, it makes sense that you would want to find a career that is a strong and viable option when it comes to maintaining your earning potential.

So, how do you make a pivot and transition to a long career that will set you up for success? For many people, the fastest and most effective strategy to implement involves enrolling in a specific program that gives you the tools and skills necessary to make that job move. Every program has its own ins and outs. Some allow you to study part-time in the evenings, while others are intensive programs over a short number of weeks that culminate in your ability to take a new job. Keep reading for a list of five different career programs that are sure to set you up for success in the workforce.

1. Tap into housing demand and become a real estate agent.


One area that is booming right now is the real estate industry. Demand for single-family homes is at an all-time high (thanks, in part, to COVID-19), so if you can enroll in a quality real estate program and get your real estate license, you’ll be able to get a lot of hands-on experience helping buyers and sellers during such a peak in demand. By enrolling in a top real estate program, you can get more than just your real estate license, too. With a top program, you can also broach other topics, like real estate law, as well as build the communication skills necessary to be a successful real estate agent in the field.

The right real estate program will help you get your real estate license and understand the ins and outs of real estate law in your state. This will allow you to be a better and more effective broker since you’ll understand how to analyze real estate industry trends as well as how various real estate laws protect and benefit your clients. All of this coursework ensures that you’re an expert in the real estate field so that you can start helping others and earning referrals as soon as you receive your real estate license.

2. Get involved in the medical field as a medical secretary.


Another area that’s booming in the U.S. is the medical field. If you don’t feel like going back to school for several years in order to earn your doctoral degree, becoming a medical administrative assistant or medical secretary is a great way to help in the medical sector through a more entry-level position. A medical secretary program is great for learners looking for coursework that helps them build the skills necessary to become a medical administrative assistant. Everything from learning how to bill patients to how to understand the meaning of different pieces of medical terminology will be covered in your program. All of these practical skills will ultimately take you from prospective student to learner to a medical secretary in a short period of time.

3. Join the IT boom as a computer support specialist.


It seems like in the past three decades, the world of information technology and computer science has just continued to grow. As such, getting involved in IT as a support specialist who can help people troubleshoot their computer hardware or software can be a rewarding way to switch into a field where industry professionals consistently make close to six figures according to the U.S. Department of Labor. A computer support specialist program gives you all of the tools and credentials you need to break into the IT field in the United States. Best of all, many program graduates of computer support specialist programs ultimately get to level up through certification exams that increase their earning potential.

4. Help others look and feel great by becoming a cosmetologist.

One of the industries that got hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic is also a field that consumers of all ages now appreciate more than ever. That’s right, cosmetology is a better career pathway than ever before, thanks to the fact that people are looking for manicures, skincare, a haircut, and other ways to pamper themselves at the salon after a stressful year. A cosmetology program gives you all of the program courses, knowledge, and prerequisites necessary to pursue a career in cosmetology. Best of all, cosmetology programs work for part-time or full-time students, meaning that you can still learn about nail care and how to give a great haircut while working at your current job.

5. Pursue a rewarding career in massage therapy.

Massage therapy is another rewarding career path that allows you to give back to others. If you love helping others feel great and have a hands-on learning preference, reading up on various massage school course descriptions can help you find the right program for you. Many massage therapy programs even feature internships or apprenticeships with businesses in a related field so that you can get right into a career after graduating and becoming certified. The application process is generally pretty straightforward, too, so it’s easy to get on this pathway if you’re interested in pursuing a career as a massage therapist.

As you can see, there are a variety of different career paths you can take if you’re interested in pursuing a different type of job. While the pandemic continues to be a challenge for most of the world, it also serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to do something you love. Getting back to something you were interested in while attending high school—like real estate law or cosmetology—may seem crazy if your bachelor’s degree or associate degree is in a different field. However, if you’d be happier running your own salon or as a real estate agent or broker, getting the right certification can be exactly what you need to lead a more fulfilling career. Keep the above certificate programs in mind as you look to branch out into a different occupation, and you’ll be surprised with how some additional training allows you to break into the field you’re interested in.