4 Investments That Are Worth the Money

We all work ferociously hard for our money, but the funny thing that happens when you or anyone else begins to slowly accumulate those funds and it feels like your bank account is pretty much looking back at you with a welcoming relaxed smile is that deciding what to spend your money on becomes strangely overwhelming. You can almost feel paralyzed by indecision. Well, the stressful game of figuring out the best ways to invest your money need no longer continue. Let’s take a look at some solid investments that are absolutely worth your money.

1. A Storage Unit

The last thing that you need in your place is a whole bunch of clutter that makes it that much harder to complete your daily tasks. Your mind is already cluttered enough as it is. So, if you’re in AZ, now is the best time to look into investing in one of those handy storage units in Tempe, AZ. You’ll be able to find stellar customer service that makes the task of getting your chosen belongings into a storage facility nothing short of a painless process. This rings especially true if it’s your first time putting your stuff in a storage facility. Countless people across the United States are making use of storage facilities to declutter their homes. Self-storage allows people to tap into that welcomed peace of mind that comes from having a home not impacted by the stresses of clutter.

2. House Plants

Not only does investing in some houseplants provide a nice rush of green life to your home, but houseplants, succulents, and other indoor plants have been proven to help people with their mental health. There’s something hardwired into our DNA that builds off of being able to care for a life outside of our own. It could be the fact that you’re mindfully setting aside time out of your day to take a recess from your life situation’s worries and responsibilities, and instead just help your little plant friend make it in this crazy world.

You’ll be able to find beautiful succulents, snake plants, orchids, and houseplants by making use of a live plant delivery. With the delivery service, you won’t have to fret about leaving the comfort of your home amidst these tumultuous Coronavirus times as well. Every place can become a great place with the addition of some sweet greenery. Before you know it you’ll be well on your way toward crafting your own stunning bloom scape.

3. Driverless Cars

Vehicle technology continues to make unprecedented gains, and it seems like cars are continually being designed to be as safe as possible. If you have the necessary money set aside and have been looking for a way to treat yourself amidst these hard times, a new car could well be in order. With that being said, if you continue to wait to invest in a new car you just might find yourself being able to pick out one of those insanely futuristic, mind-blowing driverless cars.

Yes, at this point self-driving cars are still going through the wringer of completely understandable trial programs. It’s still worth noting the safety statistics related to self-driving cars in 2019. While there have five recorded fatalities and thirteen serious accidents when it comes to self-driving cars, those numbers are still quite low when you compare them to the typical numbers of car accidents caused by human drivers. Also, if you factor in the potential that the self-driving car wasn’t the actual party to blame in the car accident, the numbers can become even more astounding. On top of that, reports show that the test results are improving rapidly, and these self-driving cars could provide an avenue for disabled drivers to hit the road. Driving can be a great experience, and if self-driving cars allow people with disabilities the chance to drive that’s just a beautiful development for humanity.

4. Wellness

2020 was the year of shocking us all into a heightened state of awareness when it comes to the value of our well being. Whether it’s your mental or physical health, you really can’t put a price on the importance of those parts of your life. So, consider looking into investing in apps for your mental health that comes at a great price (if any cost at all). You could look into meditation apps that have received widespread acclaim for reducing people’s anxiety, or you could check what it’ll take to safely join your local gym.

We’ve touched on a handful of worthwhile investments you can make that are totally worth your money. Just because you work hard for that money and it’s good to save some along the way, doesn’t mean that you can’t also funnel some of your hard-earned funds back into investments that will enrich your life.